Cover Update & The Plan Going Forward - THANK YOU!

After some feedback on the cover, I had John revisit it and make some changes to remove some negative imagery association we weren't aware of and didn't intend - hopefully you all like the final piece!

I intend to finish writing the additional content over the next couple weeks, and I'll reach out to anyone who selected a reward (all of which but the community copies will be removed from the page at this point). During that period, I'll be making sure all the art is finalized and updating the layout to include all of the content, art, and so on, before moving towards getting a Lulu code set up for all of y'all. 

Thank you again so much for supporting The Man and The Stag! I really love it and I'm so happy that you're enjoying it too! Special thanks to anyone who gave feedback or reviewed the product during the crowdfund - I appreciate it so much! Happy playing!

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it looks wonderful! Minimalism is hard for the same reason it is beautiful. symbolcraft. I hope you changed it because of something you saw in it. And not just because you took a random person on the internet’s word for what they felt when they saw it 😳 Or that you found someone else that agreed with the point. I just want to share how much I feel super embarrassed that an action was taken.

I love it! I wish only not to have played a sole part in affecting someone else’s art and vision. okay I’m glad I said that. Thank you and this is a really cool project I hope it to succeed in every way you hope it may. bye.

I value your input! It was something I never would have found out its implications without you raising the issue, and I think the cover is better for the changes made! Thank you so much for giving feedback and for supporting the game!!