Cover reveal! ~$25 to more art!

John has finished the cover for The Man and The Stag and it is everything I hoped for! How absolutely stunning! If we reach $1200 by March 15, John's signed on for one more art piece. So excited!!!

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Congrats on the cover! I love the aesthetic and the execution.

I might be the only person who sees this and thinks “dapper man with pimp cane in power pose on skin rug”.

If that’s not the reaction you’re aiming for, I bet shrinking down or raising up the man off of the stag would take away that reaction. If it is, though, success! 🥾🎶🐇

Thank you! Oh wow, I had not made that connection at all! I'll talk to John about how we might be able to adjust that (I think putting some space between the Man and the Stag might solve it like you suggest). That's not the type of imagery I've seen before, to be honest - we were going with like a kind of old world naturalist / hiker vibe in our heads, so I'm sorry it came across this way! I'll see what we can do.