Almost there! New art!

I wanted to share the final art piece by Mx. Morgan, this beautiful skull piece, and share a promotion I wrote this morning. Please share The Man and The Stag's itchio! We're so close to funding. I know the art was meant for $1k, but it was so stunning I wanted to share it now, in hopes you'll be excited to see it in the layout.


What if I promoted my game in... The morning?

Imagine a misty morning staring out the long miles between The Cabin and The Copse. On the crest of the hill, you see them - The Stag. Their coat is blackened, by silhouette or by it's own account, you do not know. They gaze at you.


From the eyes of The Stag, you can see the lay of the land. At a distance, you know The Man drinks their coffee and you know that time is turning with every wisp of steam from their mug. The night and the day are turning, the Earth moves on its axis, & you know that death comes.


As the man, you notice at the end of the treeline, a hunter takes advantage of the mist to stalk a doe in the fields. You try to weigh weather he is here to feed his family or his ego. Something grips your heart at the thought he could see The Stag at the crest of the hill.


What do you do? 

Does nature take it's course?

Does the hunter get his dinner, or was he just out for glory?

Mark the changes on your map & timeline, & reflect on the relationship between The Man and The Stag. What moments will you experience next?

It's up to you & the cards.

Experience The Man and The Stag on itchio and share your story with the community! Explore themes of nature, humanity, the cosmic connection between the two, & strike a balance between life and death - or transcend both.

Project funding ends March 15! Back now!

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