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Stock Photos for Your Use!

These photo collections are here for your commercial and professional use! There are sets of 20 photos each, themed as follows:

Atmospheric: Photos of stars & constellations, clouds, sunsets, and skies, some with the sun & other features coming into frame. Some have lens flares or haze that occurs from light and fog!

Flowers: Primarily close up or macro photos of flowers including orchids, apple blossoms, Queen Anne's lace, Birds of Paradise, and a variety of other flowers in many colors. 

Fungus: A collection of photos of individual and collective mushrooms, lichen, and tree-growing fungus both in macro and more distantly framed. Some images have lens flare or tight focus.

Spooky: A number of photos that have an eerie vibe - some are lakeside photos with orange and green coloration to show off low light accents, others are sunsets, grey days focused on ice, dead leaves, or plants, autumnal imagery, moonlit and cloudy skies, and even an abandoned car and a spectral figure by a barn at night!

If you're looking for something specific, I'm available for commissioned photos! Contact me at contact at briebeau dot com if you're interested in commissioned photos, or have questions!

Pricing & Downloads

Each set of 20 photos is currently priced at $15 for a limited time, and I intend to add more photos if these are well received, each in a pack with a theme. I haven't done these as packs like these ZIP downloads previously on itchio, but I am hoping that this setup with the ability to download each pack will keep things centralized, and I'll make new itch pages if needed, but you'll keep your rights so long as you purchase and download! 

The pricing for these is because the license is unlimited & worldwide and only requires attribution. I do have limits on use against unethical purposes (fascism, harassment, or stuff like crypto) but those are appropriate for my professional standards and I think should be fair to meet! I retain my copyright and ability to use the photos for my purposes, but you get photos you can use and remix for commercial and personal use at a very fair rate!

Tell Me How You Use The Photos!

I love sharing cool work and I also love seeing my work in people's projects! Please comment & feel free to promote your work when you go live on projects that use my photos! 


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Photos_Atmospheric1_thoughty.zip 131 MB
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Photos_Fungus1_thoughty.zip 87 MB
if you pay $15 USD or more
Photos_Spooky1_thoughty.zip 86 MB
if you pay $15 USD or more

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