Is it really... The Final Script Change?

Hello all!

Over the past several months I've been working on the final updates to Script Change, which I've compiled and designed to present to you in a new layout, with new cards (playing card size & tarot card size), emojis, and additional tools! I wanted to get it done months ago, but to be real, my health and life have had many hits throughout the pandemic and 2023 has not been different.

The newly uploaded drafts are DRAFTS for review, and the final files WILL be replacing those drafts when I am finished. I wanted to give at least a week for people to look at the files and give feedback to me if they'd like, so I am uploading the drafts as close to complete as I could do at this time. There are new icons, a new color palette, and I've rewritten and edited a lot of the text for clarity and function, so I hope to hear some positive feedback. The constructive feedback I'd welcome is any issues with legibility, clarity, or usability of the text and cards, as I do not intend to redesign or alter designs for any tools unless someone provides me with a red flag as feedback. 

I'll note that I do plan to provide a black and white/print version of both the cards and the main text, and that I will also be making print-at-home sheets for the cards, so if there are any concerns related to that, please let me know.

I truly appreciate the continued support of Script Change and I hope that you like what I've done with it for this soon-to-be Final Script Change.

All the best,



ScriptChange2023_DraftBJS.pdf 1 MB
Jun 15, 2023
ScriptChangeCards2023_DraftBJS.pdf 3 MB
Jun 15, 2023 120 kB
Jun 15, 2023

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