A downloadable tool reference

A simple favorite calibration tools handout for TTRPGs and other play

This is a free simple handout with a PDF and plain text file of a compilation of the calibration & safety tools I reference most for tabletop roleplaying, board & card gaming, live action roleplaying, and for therapeutic and educational spaces that use games. This is not a comprehensive list of all tools available, and the links I am using for reference are the best available links I could find while researching academic work. 

The handout is intended for personal use. If you would like to use any of the tools in this document, please contact the original creators and credit those creators for the use of it as they require or prefer. I am not seeking credit for any work but my own (Script Change), I just wanted an easy way to share this resource with those who are interested in my work and who wanted some references for safety and calibration in games.

If you would like to support my efforts, please support me through my other products here including Script Change or check out my Ko-Fi. I set this to free so that there is no pressure to donate!



All tools are credited to their original creators except two tools. The first is the Stoplight/Traffic Light tool, which is so widely and commonly used in kink communities, education, and other spaces as well as games that finding an original creator seems impossible. I included a link to an available card set for the tool designed for tabletop use. The second is Session Zero, which likewise has such extensive use and has no clear and direct origin. 


I will happily update links, remove content, or correct any incorrect information as the correct information or request is given to me. Comment below or email me at beau.j.sheldon at outlook dot com with any suggested alterations. If I can't make the change or there is a reason I am unwilling to do so (such as additions that are not tools I recommend or support), I will respond to let you know. As I am a disabled creator, please understand email or comment replies could take a day or two, and updates could take up to a few weeks if I have to research and change the file.


Header & Display Image are of a photograph of a yellow flower in a green field with a hazy glow and blurry background with pale circles of light with a yellow gradient rectangle above and below. On the yellow rectangles, there is black text. The top reads "Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference" and the bottom reads "A simple reference compilation of calibration and safety tools by Beau Jágr Sheldon hosted at briebeau.com & thoughty.itch.io". The Thoughty logo of three infinity symbols in a tilted triangle with the word "Thoughty." in serif text under the symbol is in the bottom left in black.


Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference Sheet 102022.pdf 209 kB
Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference Sheet 102022_plaintext.rtf 13 kB
Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference Sheet 102022pg1.jpg 3 MB
Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference Sheet 1020222pg2.jpg 2 MB
Thoughty Calibration Tools Reference ReadMe.rtf 3 kB

Install instructions

The PDF can be downloaded and printed black and white. There is a plain text RTF file as well, if this is inaccessible please let me know. There are also images if you want them!

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